PDR Training Level One Foundation

Level one PDR training foundation course.

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Course Duration
4 Weeks or 2 + 2 Weeks

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£5,410.00 plus VAT
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Course Duration
4 Weeks or 2 + 2 Weeks

Course Description

Our PDR Foundation course has a duration of 4 weeks. If you would like to split your 4 week course into 2 weeks at the time, we can arrange this for you – please get in touch prior to booking the course!

At our Training Centre we have different vehicle bays, so that each trainee can have their own training area. We also have individual bonnet stands with panels, one per trainee. Each trainee will also be provided with a Tool Cart for the duration of the course. All PDR tools required for the training will be fully accessible throughout the course.

Our PDR Foundation course also includes a 6 month tool discount, a three months’ online/phone support and a future one-day assessment day to be taken within the first year.

Course Itinerary


  • Reflection and lighting 
  • Best access & set up
  • Tool selection and use
  • Tool tip location
  • Push techniques
  • Knocking down tools and techniques
  • Small dent removal
  • Crease dent removal
  • End of week assessment & one to one meeting


Week 2:

  • Overview of previous week assessment and remedial works
  • Poor access techniques
  • Introduction to GPR – Glue Pull Repairs
  • Restricted access dent repair
  • Restricted access crease repair
  • Combined access repair and tool choice
  • Multi tipped tools and use
  • Using long bars and working at distance
  • End of week assessment & one to one meeting


Week 3:

  • Overview of previous week assessment and remedial works (4 week course)
  • Assessment of current position and remedial works (2 week split course)
  • Damage assessment
  • Recognition of hybrid and electric vehicles in the workplace
  • Basic trim removal and installation procedure
  • Introduction to side panels
  • Side panel access procedure 
  • Laminated glass procedure
  • Technician tool essentials and use
  • Heat application
  • Hard bodyline procedures
  • Soft bodyline procedures
  • End of week assessment & one to one meeting


Week 4: 

  • Overview of previous week assessment and remedial works
  • Introduction to glue repairs
  • Glue and Tool combination repairs
  • Introduction to complex dent removal using multiple tools
  • Focus on crown work
  • Rust and corrosion protection
  • Aluminium repair and best practices
  • Lighting and reflection options
  • Final tests and diagnostic report for candidate

*Order of itinerary may change slightly due to unforeseen situations, however, all areas will be covered throughout the four weeks.

If you feel that you may have already covered some of these areas and want to take your PDR knowledge to the next level, please visit our Advanced PDR page and get in touch for a personalised quotation.

Kindly note that we can only accommodate a maximum of 4 trainees per PDR Foundation course.

Looking for somewhere to stay?

Here’s a list of hotels near our Training Centre in Peterborough;

Premier Inn – Ferry Meadows 2.1 miles away
Travelodge – Peterborough Awalton 2.6 miles away
Peterborough Marriott Hotel 1.9 miles away
Days Inn by Wyndham Peterborough 0.8 miles away
Premier Inn – Hampton 3.2 miles away

Kindly note that none of the above suggestions are in no way associated with us. This means that no discount is included, and they are only provided for convenience to establish accommodation within the area of our Training Centre.

Ask the trainer

If you are still uncertain as to which course is more suited to you and your needs, our team of experts are able to discuss the best options available at the centre with you. Give us a call on 01733 902513 to schedule a visit to our premises or a call back from the Trainer. You can also send your questions to training@kecotabs.co.uk